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Why is a Website Necessary?

Due to the popularity of social media today, newly opened companies think that social media accounts may be sufficient. So why is a website necessary? A corporate website; It is made to introduce you well and to clear the questions and doubts of your visitors. In other words, a person visiting your website can be your potential customer based on your content and page design. Since the content you have published on social media is more advertising-oriented, the possibility of people seeing your post to know you will be limited.

Difference of Social Media and Website?

In fact, let me state without further ado; social media is like a repository of audiences, while websites contain customer-focused promotions with a presentation that is completely tailored to you. Of course, you can share videos, pictures and articles that can introduce yourself on social media accounts. But it will not appear as institutional.

Of course, social media and website should not be confused with each other, because; one is the content within a site and the other is a site that belongs entirely to you.

A corporate company should have a unique website.

What is Institutionalism?

Why is a website necessary? Along with the question, we must know exactly what corporate identity is;

Corporate identity is the name given to the visible face of an institution in marketing. It is the organization’s way of expressing itself. This expression is a well-defined and generally immutable expression. The corporate identity book, which specifies to what extent and how a design that will remind the institution should be used, is an indispensable element of this system. So much so that in a corporate identity design, it is stated in what dimensions and how everything will be used, from the emblem (logo) to the office design, from the clothing of the employees to the on-vehicle dressing, from the letterhead to the signboard, from the website to the death notices, from the packaging design to the annual report.

Corporate identity is the signature of the institution and in this respect, it is closed to change. Although it can be changed with the joint work of companies and designers in certain periods, famous companies often do not want to change the image they create with their corporate identity.

Undoubtedly, the basis of the work in corporate identity studies is based on the company logo. The basis of this study is that the colors of the emblem are printed at the same value in all cases and the fonts never change.

In particular, the pantone numbers of the colors are specified in order to carry the color information and not change it.

The corporate identity is engraved in the mind of the consumer with the image it creates for the company. In this respect, it is one of the studies that ensure the success of the company’s advertising investments.

Institutionalism also includes keeping customer satisfaction at a high level.

Why is a Web Site Necessary in Institutionalism?

So, what is on the digital to-do list while a corporate firm is on its way?

  • Having a corporate and quality website
  • Professional SEO work
  • Organizing digital advertising works
  • Opening and maintaining your social media accounts
  • Keeping the logo and design elements memorable
  • These are the critical items that we can put at the top of the list on this subject.

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