Share your knowledge with your team.

Finally here: A person centric knowledge-base that indexes documents with authors and chronology.

Human mind like indexing

Two dimensional indexing allows you to remember the reference of your articles

Collaborative editing

Edit the same article with your friends collaboratively.

Import your existing articles

No formatting issues with importing your existing articles.

Basic account

Use it for free until you think you need some privacy for your documents

Gazing through documents

Human mind is inclined to label prior work with the owner of the job as well as the appropriate time frame…

We all have had our moments of “Where do I find the design Patrick had put together last quarter?”… If you think you can easily navigate through content based knowledge systems, good luck with the search box on the upper right hand corner!

Person-centric knowledge base

Papirux is a person-centric knowledge tool that indexes articles with the authors and chronology numbers.

Articles will be referred to by their owners and order of publication- eg. OMER-1, TYYR-5, etc.. Once you know that you need Patrick’s work from last quarter, you will easily locate the relevant article by simply listing Patrick’s articles in their chronological order.. If you do not know who had done the work, well, then you can always use that dreadful search box…

Papirux for any documentation need

Use Papirux for any of your documentation needs..

If you are an engineer, use it to document your designs, analysis documents, feasibility reports, schedule updates and share it with others… If you are a teacher, post your homework questions, ask the students to submit assignments online through Papirux.. If you are a gamer and you want to share tips and tricks abour your champions in the game with your e-sports team, Papirux is the way to go.


  • Publish articles, and share them with collegues

    You can use papirux to compose articles through user friendly interfaces, or you can upload readily available ones. You can address articles to specific collegues, and make them accessible only to them, alternatively, you can make your articles public, letting all members Access.

  • Share your articles on social media

    You can easily share your articles through your social media accounts or just in your Slack team account. The articles will be shared in the form of article link followed by the summary of your article.

  • Upgrade to premium for team for enterprise use

    You can upgrade your basic account to premium to start using Papirux within your company or team and make the articles private to your subdomain.

  • Easily convert articles to pdf format

    Papirux has a easy to use article compose screen. Once you put your article in place, you can easily generate pdf versions of your article.

  • Follow what others are publishing

    With Papirux, you can keep up with your community! Just navigate to the “UPDATES” tab, and see the trending as well as recommended articles…

  • Let collegues edit or review your articles

    You can let your collegues edit or put remarks on your article. With each edit, a new revision of the article will be generated indicated by the revision filed in the article label.

  • Form groups to share your articles with

    You can form groups on Papirux…By this way, you will not need to retype individual IDs of your most frequently connected peers everything you publish and article to them. You will always catch up with the latest updates of your groups in the dashboard.
    Say, for instance, your team's or company's name is “orange”. Then you could upgrade to “”

  • 150 MB Storage Limit per user
  • 5 users
Premium5 USD per person
  • 500 MB Storage Limit per user
  • 15 users
Corporate10 USD per person
  • 1 GB Storage Limit per user
  • No user limit
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